StockX data breach: Millions of Records Exposed.

By: Joshua B. Swigart

Millions of StockX customers may receive monetary compensation from the company after a massive data leak. Claim evaluation process is easy and confidential.

What happened:

StockX is an online marketplace specializing in sneakers and clothing.

Lawsuits allege that StockX tried to conceal a massive data leak that happened in May of 2019 and exposed more than 6.8 million records containing users’ names, email addresses, passwords, and account information.

By exposing their customers’ data, StockX put them at risk of phishing attacks and identity theft. This is unacceptable, especially considering that many of StockX customers are teenagers and young adults.

How to take action now:

If you (or a family member) were a registered user of the StockX website in or before May of 2019, your sensitive information may be exposed, and you may request compensation.

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