You guys are awesome. You are my consumer protection attorneys, and I will always come to you for all my legal issues and advice. By the way I had a call today from a friend that was having the same problem that you had to deal with in my case, she had never checked your site until I requested, but now she has and you can expect a call. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your team. Please share with all your people.

– James McLeod

Thanks to everyone! There was a debt collector that was harassing me on a debt that was owed by someone with a similar name to mine. I try to get them to cooperate, but they refused. All I wanted was for them to stop harassing me. You guys not only got them to stop, but you put money in my pocket as well. Saying thank you is not enough!

Cynthia Smyth, San Diego/em>

I worried for no reason. I know you guys see this all the time, but I don’t and I worried. I know you know that, but thought I’d just admit it. And just as you told me, it was all for no good reason. Great job. I highly recommend you.

John K

Everyone: I could not be more pleased. A debt collector was harassing me about a debt I had long ago forgotten about. They just wouldn’t leave me alone. Hyde & Swigart came through for me in flying colors. I can’t say enough about your services.

Daniel Ryan

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