Regain Control of Your Personal Information

By: Joshua B. Swigart

Consumer data privacy is a hot topic and is centered around how data should be collected, stored, managed, and shared especially by big tech companies and the government. Your personal data is being transmitted around the clock, often times without you even being aware of it. Consumers share their data every time they search something on the internet, download an app, access free online content and services including social media, or even just for user convenience and functionality.

Why Does This Matter to You?
The sheer volume of consumer data being collected, used, stored, and sold is growing exponentially causing consumers to be at a greater risk of having their personal information compromised by cyber criminals or a data breach. What compounds the magnitude of this is that our data is a new form of currency and businesses are the ones benefitting most from these techniques. Not only is it a form of currency but they are able to understand your consumer habits and trends and market their products and services to you more effectively.

Securing Your Personal Information
Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), you have more control over the personal information that businesses collect about you. We are putting together a list of businesses to contact regarding the personal information and data they collect on consumers. Businesses must respond to your request within 45 calendar days. Failure to provide you with the requested information in a timely manner may give rise to certain rights or remedies.

What Can You Do?
We take consumer data breaches and privacy matters seriously and it is not until consumer’s like you stand up and hold companies accountable for how they handle your personal data that they will begin to take the proper steps to secure our private data.

The most proactive way to protect your personal information and data is to regain control of it. You can do this by requesting your personal information from businesses which may include social media platforms, e-commerce sites, apps, or your local grocery store. Contact us at for more information.