Anovos, Disney, NBCUniversal, and CBS are being sued for fraud.

By: Joshua B. Swigart

Attorneys at Hyde and Swigart represent consumers who paid for pre-ordered products from Anovos and licensed by Disney, NBCU, and/or CBS, and who have not received the product nor a refund from January 1, 2016, through the present.

Anovos operates, which sells accurate uniforms and prop replicas from movies, television, and contemporary media, all of which are manufactured and marketed by Anovos. Many Anovos customers go through great lengths to acquire Anovos’ products for Cosplay.

On Monday we have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Richard Dalton and similarly situated people. Mr. Dalton paid Anovos more than $40,000 for Star Wars merchandise but never received it.

Despite Anovos’ inability to fulfill the hundreds, if not thousands of pre-paid orders customers have already submitted, Anovos continues to market and sell pre-order items on its website and on social media in the same manner: requiring full upfront costs of the items in addition to shipping.

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